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DSC_0292When coffee and culture, the arts specifically including the discipline of film and television happily collide, its a beautiful brew. The HBO series “Girls” earned two Golden Globe awards, Best Actress Lena Dunham and Best Comedy or Musical.

It is culturally exciting to see the Brooklyn based  ”Girls” receive this recognition for its capture of the zeitgeist of borough culture, 20-something life, and particularly its decision to include in its sitcom terroir, a family owned independent coffee shop – Cafe Grumpy – whose bespoke beans has turned a lot of frowns upside up.

smdlr owes much of its delving into the rabbit hole of documenting roasters within coffee culture because of owner, Ms. Caroline’s Bell’s initial invitation to smdlr visit their flagship cafe and Greenpoint roastery which resulted in smdlr’s first roaster piece. In addition to being a local coffee ground for smdlr, it has inspired and been the seat of a healthy amount of  curated coffee culture which this site is devoted to. Congratulations Cafe Grumpy and its family of baristas, roasters and beyond for having already being a darling of Brooklyn.

Now, a recap of some of smdlr’s cultural coverage via Cafe Grumpy over the past year and a half.

girls just wanna’ girls just wanna’ have fun, boys do too > art: Steven Weinberg

between cities, the coffee jungle >  music : august mix tape

be cool: cafe grumpy cold brew for  the park slope reader

anniversary post, ‘best of’ year in review > a trip to cafe grumpy roastery

cuffed and sockless > fashion: park slope, brooklyn

he’s coming for your post its > art: darren hinto

comic artist by day > regular: daryl, green point

coffee cave > special : cafe grumpy roastery 






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