smdlr x pushcart > candice hammack

her sense of self  -present and future perfect– is the most welcomed straightjacket I’ve ever seen.

strap her in, you’ll be defied.  give her room, your life has graced a ride.


yoga, yes, she loves it, check the mat in her pack.  art, yes she loves that, see the pens she carries. people, yes, she loves them, her eyes like analog circuits.

If you can imagine, the above feels like a given for the humble Austin native, who claims citizenship to the world.  Perhaps, that’s why she prefers impromptu balancing acts over straight and narrow paths.

she has this.. this.. this.. energy, where, “amen, yes, sista” seems like the only appropriate follow.  “I’ll give up everything, for everything,” she said.

she’s the human that you hope, you’ll never use to know.

coffeetography commissioned by: pushcart coffee. see Candice there.


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