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Nature walking, that’s what she is, Ms. Liz Fullerton. Plucked from the earth, where mountains kiss soil, this once Montana homesteader, now shacks up in New York’s Ridgewood, Queens, where her future will grow out of trees in matrimony with concrete.

I dare you, to catch her in a moment where she isn’t moving as a classical violinist, a talkative zen barista at Pushcart, a volunteer for Smile Train or finger signing in one of three languages she can converse in. Today, it’s Russian. Yet, she declares with eyes that move like their racing for the next thing, “I’m on a break from life.”

I don’t want believe her, as I’m too fascinated with where she’s been – like Kazakhstan - in the last 12 months, to her visual dissertation of her wearable color palate of green. She’s a person that I want to see when all things come into focus. But for now, let’s just say she’s moving in a beautiful blur.

coffeetography commissioned by: pushcart coffee. see Liz there.


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