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A soft pink steel flag, in the form of a 1987 truck is like a phantom boutique rolling its way within the nooks and neighborhoods of Southern California’s city streets.

When its gears shift to a full stop, one can find it parked as a mobile fashion pop-up waiting to deliver an experience of sartorial permanency in your here-and-now.

Jeanine Romo and Stacey Steffe – be they parked at a night market, near school grounds or near independent coffee shops like Zona Rosa Coffee in Pasadena and Morning Nights in Silver Lake –  are its founding pair of entrepreneurial nomads who know that all who wander [on wheels] aren’t lost.

Far from it, these ladies are found, free and blushing a few shades left of the color rose. Welcome to the founding mobile mothers and first ladies of these united wheeled states.


Its something she and her 3 dogs are used to, thats starting her mornings as co-owner of Le Fashion Truck with an egg sandwich and an eventual 6 cups of coffee that takes her to noontime. “I drink a lot of coffee, I suppose its because I crave warmth, comfort and coziness and coffee gives me that.”

As the primary driver of Le Fashion Truck, Steffe lets it be known that she’s runs on more than caffeine, passion for being her own boss, caused her to take up residence in a steel truck whose purpose is to roll the streets of L.A. on a “premeditated schedule” dictated weeks in advance, with the illusion of pop up spontaneity.

Stacey’s comedic timing gives the truck the spirit of a variety show on wheels.  Its quite appropriate too as she tells stories of dealing with traffic and at times unsympathetic drivers who to them “the truck is slow, but this baby moves and is like titanium with a bumper of steel.”

The truck isn’t the only thing that moves, as Steffe becomes more animated as she speaks about shopping for the truck, which vends modern garments, accessories and selected vintage.

“That’s the fun part, Jeanine and I shop together and I’m stopping myself all the time, because everything here I want. A lot of people that come, who get in the vehicle for the first time, are surprised at how much is in here. And, each time we’re out, we get a chance to make small connections with people and I freakin’ love that!


If you could be the crack of dawn when sun rays stream through her bedroom window, you would observe that Jeanine Romo is awake, just not up.  The self admitted, kind-of Instagram addict, begins her mornings with the under print of her index finger being the mobile applications sensor, doing the easily doable action of a scroll and double tap all while still under the covers.

“Its part addiction and part fascination for me.” Thus, it is when these two cravings have been amused and satisfied, that she is officially up and at her day with a single cappuccino making a cameo.

Romo’s easy nature gives off a Zen like quality while in her presence which is also perceived upon entering the few steps from the trucks backside which lead one up into  leading the physical square footage of Le Fashion Trucks’ aesthetic.  “We’re usually street side 4-6 hours on our days out and we’re often mixing what we do with cultural events, it feels good to be apart of the community that way.

There’s laughter, storytelling and the traditional help – if asked for – provided by Romo and Steffe who welcome the inquisitive as well as their street-grown base of regulars.

“What we’ve built is something a lot of people are afraid to do. All we do we do for ourselves, we answer to ourselves. It’s about having a dream and just going in for your dream.”

Its evident that the succession of images that make up their dream sequence is realized in the minutest of aesthetic details; a white ceiling creating an expansive feel, the black painted interior adding a sophisticated approach, handmade goods carefully sprinkled among particular shelving, a dressing room channeling the feel of le paris itself and a welcome sign on the back bumper.

“What’s so amazing is that people come here and they feel that this is their place, this is their truck. That’s everything.”

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