flea-ing for coffee and culture

pour over
pour over

Some were pushed to it in a stroller. Others sleepwalked to it. Many waited for it. Dozens gripped it. Even I sipped it. Everyone photographed here loves it. It, is coffee, a beverage with a cultural cameo all over the world. From Park Slope, Brooklyn to Sweden; from Melbourne, Australia to Atlanta, from Dubai to Midwood, Brooklyn, meet the locals and internationals who trafficked the flea, in pursuit of the mighty crop-to-our-cup.

First,  I met the 16 month old twins – Grace and Connor – in line before 10:30, with their dad Joe, who ran out of coffee that very morning.  There was Martin Gohde from Sweden – Välkommen – with his cousins, cupping black coffee and a new vintage stool that I couldn’t help but covet as we spoke. I met a daughter, Ruth, with a European accent and Traders Joe’s bag – living in Bed-Stuy, by way of Sheffield London – whose dad stood in line to buy her coffee.

The precised bobbed, red-haired Emma, who just flew in last night from Melbourne, with an accent to prove it. We chatted over her first cup of coffee since her flight, in which she sweared – literally – that her sister is the real coffee connoisseur.

Park Slope local, Holly, lingered with a cup and her friend Jay, who flew in from Dubai for a weekend stay.  As they left, I noticed his fabulous Burberry “shopping satchel” which was right up my alley. #swoon.  There was Kevin, who I snagged while still in line, with hair and specs that were the embodiment of early morning put-together done right. Although, he admitted, he’s always better after his first sip of coffee.

The Raya Brass Band played midday; it’s an opening day tradition. And, that’s when I found Marlo. I caught him through a crowd while listening to the live music. He accepted my apology for my elongated gaze which turned into our walk around the flea together. The born and raised Georgian came up for the weekend to get his annual flea fix. He entered with a cup of coffee from neighborhood local, Choice Market,  but exited with his first cup of brewed coffee from Crop to Cup saying, “it had just enough bitter and just enough nutty.”

Clinton local, Jireh, added sunshine to an already bright, sunny day with his uber-yellow beanie as he waited to buy coffee for a vendor.  Natural hair blogger, Toia, of Midwood Brooklyn, whom I snagged on the steps of the playground, had natural hair blowing fiercely in the wind.  Finally, there was Brooklyn local, Cory, carrying an eye-catching leather shoulder bag as he passed a booth of bags.

And, oh, then there was me. I grabbed pupusas for lunch, strolled booths, chatted with vendors – some I hadn’t seen since the winter hiatus – and visited one of my faves, Joan of VanHees Vintage.  I wouldn’t end without sharing that I, of course, had coffee, an Ethiopian Sidamo whose heat temperature held up through the pour over process, despite the blowing wind. I must say it was coffee and culture at its flea best.

To hear what the day felt like, play what smdlr heard below.

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  1. Felicia says:

    Love your blog C. The format and photos are fabulous! xo

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