welcome to the neighborhood : de luxe coffee | park slope, bk

The Owners

If an interrobang (?! ) could be more than a written punctuation mark, than my expression when I drove past the red matte light flashing just one block from my apartment in Park Slope was it.

Who turned on the light switch to this new coffee front?!  And, what a welcoming exterior sensibility from the punk rock window script to the diamond-in-a-cup logo on the door. To answer my own question and amusement, I stopped in to find out.  Meet Tina and Andy.

The tattooed coffee enthusiasts and borough transplants are more than a pop-up addition to the burgeoning specialty coffee district here in Park Slope.

With a lease signed more than six months before they could open the red doors  - adding some welcomed color in The Slope’s south – she informs, “He’s wanted to do this shop for years. It just took time to find a place with a certain feel, that would allow us to make you feel like you were walking into our home,” said Tina.

“After a work transfer to Brooklyn, on my days off, I would literally go from neighborhood to neighborhood and sit for hours in coffee shops doing market research, counting cups and drinking coffee, of course,” said Andy.

The Space

Upon grabbing the door you’ll notice their diamond in a cup logo which is a rift on both their loves for the nugget and coffee.

Inside, there is a wall paper pattern in the hue of crema lining the south, contrasted by simplistic dark, wood circular tables with a seating bench along the north wall.

The window bar has its set of four legged red chairs perfect for reading and avenue gazing. When the days warm up, the cushioned, steel-frame chairs will come in handy.

The hanging vintage fixtures were out for trash when they spotted them in Williamsburg and now are De Luxe’s treasure.  The lithograph print below, hails from their  home art collection. And, when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the aged mirror, know that it was gifted by a matriarch in Andy’s family.

The Coffee

Most exciting, is that the pair are carrying an Idaho roaster, making its first cameo in the neighborhood – Doma Coffee.

They are De Luxe’s “bread and butter for beans,” said Andy. “They are about the quality of the bean, sustainability and they are all about relationship…as are we. They gave us a lot of freedom, even allowing us to customize our bags.”  The bags carry Doma’s logo, DeLuxe’s logo’s and prints of Andy’s tattoos – tigers and cobras – as retraced by Tina.

The element of surprise arrives in their rotating single origin beans. “Every week, you can come in and try something different because we love coffee and we like tasting it.”

You can order just about any method of coffee from drip, chemex, pressed and cold brewed. I started with a cortado. ($2.75) Let me tell you, at first sip, the conjunction of smartly pulled espresso and just enough soy milk to balance, felt like home on my tongue.

I couldn’t leave without at least tasting the Tanzanian, single origin from Brewklyn Grind. Once it cooled just a bit, that note of grapefruit was dancing with me to the sound of Charles Bradley overhead. “We’re high-class, low brow, punk-rock and soul… yet, still refined even in our technique, said Andy.”  This space gives smdlr  a feeling hard to put into words for now, “?! ?! ?! ?! ?!”.


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