regular:. marlo herring : living emoticon

he’s like fair-trade, artisan wicker

for an open sourced cranium.

yes, like that!


There isn’t anything about him, there is everything about him.

For instance, when he bows his head, you’ll be apt to find yourself unbeknowingly underneath it, trying to catch his thoughts, as if they were about to loosely descend out of his cerebrum like a falling fall scarf.

For instance, when he speaks, its like he’s drafting sheet music – writing, erasing, re-writing – instead of seeing rembrandts of eraser you hear music playing, rewinding and played anew.

Would you like one more instance? Ok, its as if when he is with you and shares his thoughts on life, culture, art, timing and ah, yes coffee – that one can actually see thought become thought – pupils expanding and settling once its finitely formed.  He is my friend, and an Atlanta based coffee enthusiast  - a living emoticon, Marlo Herring.

Coffee Shop : Toby’s Estate

Location : Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

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One Response to regular:. marlo herring : living emoticon

  1. britney says:

    Love the way you captured his essence with words.

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