ryan hall, velocity of an other kind, betola espresso bar

If you’re looking for a reliable

property of intellect,

its found in him.

Some people light up rooms, his cultural electromagnetism blows them up.  Perhaps that is why, as soon as I entered his space, I didn’t ask what a normal person would upon meeting someone for the first time – name and the such.  Instead, I wanted an attempt to trap his light through my lens. Ask and ye (me) shall receive.

He kindly acquiesced while speaking of the cultural imperative of keeping the OTHERs’ of our society – including independent coffee shops alive and thriving. That spoke directly to the mission of smdlr and its cultural ethos. So, when I asked him how he would define himself, he immediately replied, “a street culture connoisseur.”

Then, our official introductions began – he is Ryan Hall, host of StereoTypes on Pharrell’s i am OTHER channel.

Like light, OTHER’s, always find themselves.

Coffee Shop : Betola Espresso Bar

Location : East Village, Manhattan, NY



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