smdlr x pushcart: hangin’ with the cool kids


at the beginning of the summer, I announced a special collaboration with indie coffee shop pushcart coffee on the lower east side.

for nearly three months, I visited its tiled space and wood floors, drank Stumptown coffee while spending countless hours with its resident cool kids.

the project seemed simple:  capture the spirit of pushcart’s baristas behind and beyond the counter. while in some ways it was, in other ways it was one of the most challenging, yet addicting experiences I’ve had as a coffeetographer to date.


these coffeetography profiles -the ones herein previously unpublished -were created over countless hours of discovery by means of;  sitting, watching, daydreaming, hearing, capturing and listening for the aha feeling .

you know, that aha! feeling when you feel you’re on to something. it often came when what could appear as their minutiae of their character  spoke louder than their own non-verbal words.  as I discovered, I realized that they came to discover too – themselves through my lens.

thus,  my words and pictures of these cool kids this summer became at best how I’ve recently come to describe drinking a shot of espresso,  ”like experiencing art – impressionism to be exact- a visual reality of a momentary taste.”

my coffeetography of these baristas was the visual reality impressed upon me in all the moments while with them then.  so, as I reflect, I know I’ve completed the collaboration, yet, I haven’t.  coffeetography at pushcart still lives within me and I believe within them. and, that my friends, is  coffee culture and pushcart; a living community. they made me feel the intangible- feelings beyond the stars. cheers to them all for pulling their own life-shots.

Beyond the Stars by KershaBailey

to see the co-owners and baristas-at-the-ready see Lisa and Jamie.



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