smdlr x pushcart : keith rowland

there is a room. in it, questions are having a meeting.

the attendees are; Who, What, Where, When, Why?

the alliterated aren’t seeking answers, just freedom to figure.

for that reason, these attendees have taken a seat, in a room that exists in Keith’s mind.


Dear Keith,

I’m asking you, why did you moved us here, to New York, from Chicago? Why is it, that in a city where so many people want to be touched by opportunity, synchronicity has tickled us?

And, please, tell me, how is it, that out of 19 million people -and counting- that someone notices us, as designer-musician-artist-human?

What do you say, if we propose, a tinkering of our synapses?  In the meantime, while we still figure out this thing so-called, life in New York City, all our answers are a blank slate of, “I don’t know.” At least, for now…

Keith (in human translation)

coffeetography commissioned by: pushcart coffee. see Keith there.

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