smdlr x pushcart > ria dilullo

abstract: “an ordered nomad”

author: ria dilullo, niece to six uncles, aunts – without one

who she is, is, what she is, the micro-movements of a three-act structure.  she exists established, rises with sequence as a solvent, and concludes with the by-product of possible.

she annotates spaces; be them artistic expeditions -she’s in Romania currently writing a play as you -dear reader-read this, margins of books -open one of her own and see pencil lead seducing text, or, musings of the mind -in hers’ thoughts are pushed, like carts.

in summary, who she is, is the future perfect denouement, that always was.  intense? thats ria. the end.

coffeetography commissioned by: pushcart coffee. see Ria there.

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One Response to smdlr x pushcart > ria dilullo

  1. Marie says:

    These are some of the most beautiful words conjured that describe my child- thank you dear writer!
    Wonderful project, your own mama must be proud!

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