style & service : Single Origin Coffee x Short Cake, Los Angeles

Once upon a fall season, a honey processed coffee named La Cuestona Lopez from the of El Aguacatal, Chalatenango in El Salavador was exclusive to Single Origin Coffee Los Angeles and Short Cake LA by way of Verve Coffee Roasters in Santa Cruz, California.

In the historic, original Farmers Market space, there I found this most romantic duo the billet-doux accenting the Los Angeles coffee scape. When you’re here, we want you in the mood. Not necessarily with a set point of view, but to take the experience and have whatever you feel like having,” said barista, Alex Guzman.

This journey, at times, one shot if by mocha, a dozen ounces if by pour over and up to a dozen half. If by cold brew was among the coffee quintuplet whose identity was only identical in that each, was a continuum of the expulsion of an explosion of flavor by five.

One can’t polarize people. We’re here to meet them in the middle, then they can appreciate what [coffee] is.” Hourie Sahakian

So, then, let the abstract of La Cuestona Lopez’s story be this: oh honey, your garden strawberry texture, brightened me and made me full, like a bodied wine, I do declare!

“Style & Service”


The Service: A Gibraltar glass enters with a single shot.

Drinking Buddy: One hundred percent Ghana chocolate brownie.

Tasted Like: An oven roasted orange.

Felt Like: A country met me for the first time: on my tongue.

Brewed Coffee

The Service:The Clever delivers like a heartwarming monologue.

Drinking Buddy: Strawberry jam crumble by means of a Sqirl LA custom jam – seascape strawberry and thyme.

Tasted Like: A tamarind tea.

Felt Like: A bright rare jewel landed in my mouth, only, it was edible.

Drip Coffee

The Service: V60 properly poured over.

Drinking Buddy: A caramel brunette of dark brown sugar, toasted pine nuts and thyme.

Tasted Like: Sweet brown wine.

Felt Like: This is how caramel should dissolve, expeditiously.

Kyoto Cold Brew

The Service: Towers key up and drip down:  a taste historic.

Drinking Buddy: Brownie with One hundred percent Ghana chocolate.

Tasted Like: Milk chocolate wine.

Felt Like: A play date that I never wanted to end.


The Service: Single shot mocha.

Drinking Buddy: So satiating sweet, it should, and did, standalone.

Tasted Like: A black and white affogato.

Felt Like: A chocolate bullet, hit me again.

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