swrbc 2013 set list : excuse me miss, a lady first, then 5 sartorial coffee-styled gents.

How profound to hear a discourse on the possibilities of coffee’s inherency and defining character not being totally untraceable. A lady, Miss Eden-Marie Abramowicz led the  Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Southwest Regional Barista Competition, with a softness of voice and fierce dialogue on how a barista’s choices affecting flavor and taste. Along with her,  five California finalists explored coffee by means of flavors familial and rambunctious.

Their music welcomed movement – to, from and beyond the bar. Now, a memorable quote paired with the set lists of our Southwest regional barista champ and her accompanying baristi, as smdlr was able to hear and curate it.


Eden-Marie Abramowicz


“A coffee’s innate charac-   teristics will always be present no matter how you brew it.”

1.”Tribulations” LCD Soundsystem

2.”Sail” Awolnation

3.”Cant Hold Us” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

4.”Sweet Nothing” Calvin Harris


2. Charles Babinski

 G&B Coffee

“Coffee is not about one experience, one extraction, its about everything that you can do with it.”

1.”Zwei” Electric Mind

2.”Birds In Paradise Dreamflute” Dorothee Foller

3.”Map Ref 41 N.  93 W.” Wire

4. “Southside of Heaven” Ryan Bingham

5.”Bullets Don’t Have Eyes” Eddie and Ernie

6. “Your Love” Frankie Knuckles


Kevin Bohlin

St. Frank Coffee

“Because we do what we do, he does what he does, he gets to know people are loving what he does.”

1. “Suit + Tie” Justin Timberlake

2.”Our Generation” John Legend

3.”The Believer” Common feat. John Legend

4.”Ten Thousand Hours” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

5.”Cant Hold Us” Macklemore & Ryan Lews Feat. Ray Dalton

6.”Higher” Lecrae Feat Tenth Avenue North


4. Truman Severson

Portola Coffee Lab

“There are real world situations where        2+2 = 5.”

1.”Woof Woof”      Dan D

2.”Porter Robinsons” Wildcat Ratatat / Michael Jackosn

3.”Juicy” Biggie Remix

4. “I’ve Got Your Number” Passion Pit


5. Stacey Kock

Verve Coffee Roasters

“Coffee doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated to be enjoyable.”

1.”Criminologoy” El Michels

2. “Intergalatic” Beastie Boys

3.”Body Movin” Beastie Boys

4.”4, 3, 2, 1″            K-OS

5.”Cashin Out” Ca$h Out


6. John Martin


“Freshness doesn’t always mean quality and quality doesn’t always mean freshness.”

1.”Ghostwriter” RJD2

2.”Midnight City” M83

3.“Black and Blue” Miike Snow

4.”The Horror” RJDZ

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